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About Airwave Internet

Internet Service Delivered Wirelessly

Airwave Internet is a company that specializes in providing Wireless Internet solutions. We have expertise in the construction and maintenance of Wireless Networks, point to point links, Public Hotspots and radio data communication.

Founded in 2005, Airwave has grown to be a major supplier of broadband services in the Cork region using its own independent network. We have built and deployed an extensive network covering a large portion of the region using carrier grade microwave equipment.

Our core network has a current capacity of 500Mbps and we have a resilient connection to the national fibre network allowing us meet the needs of all of our customers both big and small. Based in Cork we are on hand to provide support and we maintain our own network ensuring a quality of service to our customer.

We are a customer focused company and our goal is to provide a quality product using cutting edge technologies.