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How it works

Wireless broadband in operation

The Airwave service is delivered to you via a fixed wireless connection. This is a stable consistent radio link made between your house and our network. Our engineer will install a roof mounted subscriber unit at a high point on your house or building. This unit is pointed at one of our base stations and we deliver our services via this link.

The technician will then run a cable from the unit outside into your WiFi router and PhoneBOX located within your house.

How wireless broadband works

How AirTalk works

Wireless broadband in operation

We can supply you with a home phone service at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers:

How? Eircom own and manage the telephone network in Ireland and irrespective of what provider you have, you are paying line rental to Eircom for your line. Their packages may look different, but ultimately they are all the same. image With your existing provider when you pick up the handset to make a call, your call is transported to your local telephone exchange via the wires down the road and onwards to its destination. Airtalk is different.

We carry your call across our own network so there is NO LINE RENTAL charge and call costs are much cheaper. When you use your Airtalk line, the call is transported across our own network and then handed back off to the national telephone backbone in Cork. It does not use the eircom infrastructure and it does not use the internet. It does not need a computer switched on and has advanced features like voicemail to email messaging and online real-time account details as well as all the usual features.

All call rates are competitive especially long distant calls and you have no line rental hidden in you bill. Neither do we have a call setup charge! Getting an Airtalk line is easy – we send you out the hardware interface required to use the service. You simply plug in your new PhoneBOX and off you go. You can opt to keep your existing landline telephone number or use a new local number supplied by us.


Please note:

  • Service is provided via a roof mounted subscriber unit which will be installed by our technician.
  • All services require the installation of a roof mounted subscriber module and a cable from it to your router in your home. This work will be carried out by a professional installation technician. A standard installation is 2 hours work at 20m of cabling.
  • This unit remains the property of Airwave and will be removed once the contract is completed.
  • Pricing includes VAT at 23% for residential and excludes for business.
  • Subscriptions are invoiced in advance.
  • The contract length is 12 months and service is subject to our Fair Usage Policy and Terms and Conditions.
  • The quoted speeds are ‘Up to’ and actual speed depends on a number of factors.